Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lets get this fucker over with already

The Broncos suck fat balls. They have no pride, no heart, no courage, no cojones, no nothing. They're two lucky-ass field goals away from being 4-11 right now. An utter joke. A complete fraud. They suck, and how.

I'm still going to the game next week. I'll be the drunk asshole that tosses a D-cell battery covered in snow at Purple Jesus' eyes. I'm going to be famous. Lee Harvey famous! There's nothing left to lose.

7-9 or 6-10? Does it matter? Nope, but I'd like to see something positive out of these motherfuckers. You let the Chargers beat you by a combined 64-6. The fucking Chargers. Show some heart you pathetic, bitch-ass, pantywaist clowns!

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Commish CH said...

I'll root for the Donks, but a loss wont do me in. 6-10 and we may finally be in the top 10 for the draft. And Shanny will probably draft another WR.

Happy New Year to all