Thursday, December 13, 2007

Keep on dreaming, Kubes

Are you ready for some football? A Thursday night party?

Tonight the Donks travel down Texas way to take on our old buddy Gary Kubiak and Denver South, or Denver Jr. if you prefer. Kubes took our offensive scheme, our assistant GM and even some of our players with him when he left a couple years ago. He's actually done pretty well for that franchise, but it's not going to help him tonight.

Shanny will not lose to his former underling. He won't let it happen. He'll commit seppuku at midfield before he loses one to the guy he nutured and developed. It's kind of like Belichick-Mangini except without the animosity and videotape.

They're billing this game as an "elimination game," as in, the loser is eliminated from the playoff race. Give me a break. The Donks were eliminated the second the final gun went off in Chicago.

After working 10 hour days at the law factory all this week, I'm busting out early (I'm a lazy, lazy man, Roger - 10 hour days are about 9 hours too long) . I haven't told the foreman yet, I'm just going to step off the assembly line, pack up my hard-hat and lunch bucket and hop in the hooptie.

Here's to beating up on an inferior team. They are inferior, right?


Commish CH said...

yo Herc, why are you crushing my dream of a matcup for the AFC West while I sip my Christmas Coors Light on Dec 24? Can't we hold out hope?

Too bad our buddy Van Mullet Pelt isn't still a QB in HOU. Remember he vowed to come "back and beat the Broncos" when he was cut?

And is it just me or does Kyle Shannahan look like a recovering Meth addict?

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Hope lies with the Lions. The sad, sad Lions. I'm done hoping. I still can't believe we got prison-raped by those fuckers.

BVP is a clown. Running his mouth was the only skill he had.

Kyle Shanahan has Chris Simms initials tattooed on his leg. That's all we need to say about Kyle. But, yeah..he does look like a meth-head.