Friday, December 21, 2007


Copuple of odds and ends before the Annual Gift Day break.

The Donks had exactly one player named to the Pro Bowl. I'll give you three guesses who it was, and the first two don't count. Is he deserving of the honor? Probably not (3 int's), but it's all about name recognition in this business. I'm actually surprised John Lynch wasn't named a starter. Brandon Marshall got snubbed as well as my man Elvis. Oh well, at least we got one. The NFC South (yes, the entire division) didn't have a single pro bowler. Hy-larious!

Jason Taylor to the Broncos? Fuck me with a stick. Do we really need to sign another elderly defensive lineman? Especially with the guys that we just drafted and the emergence of Elvis? Maybe Taylor has something left in the tank, but I'd rather not risk a bunch of draft picks and/or young players finding out. To this harebrained idea I say: Darryl Gardner, Leon Lett, Courtney Brown, Sam Adams....should I keep going? I think the only one of those types that actually worked out was Neil Smith and that was over a decade ago. Lets take a pass on Taylor, please.

The Donks signed some kicker named Matt Prater. Never heard of the guy. This signing doesn't make sense. Paulie Ernster can't kick-off? I don't remember him being any worse at it than steroid kicker. Whatever. I've given up trying to figure these guys out.

I'll be here at the law factory on Annual Gift Day Eve to fire off a post about how the Chargers are going to beat our brains in by about 50 or so.

Merry Annual Gift Day, everyone!

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