Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let the purging begin!

First up: Known drunk and steroid abuser, Todd Sauerdoughbrun.

Finally, is all I can say. He sealed his fate after he single-handedly lost the Chicago game for us.

The capper though, was being cited for assault on a cab-driver earlier this month. Look, cab drivers piss me off too, big time. They'll flat-out try and steal from you if you're drunk enough when you get in or if you look enough like a tourist. The fuckers take off in the opposite direction of your destination and then try and circle around like you won't know any better. Or they'll tell you halfway into the trip that they don't take credit cards or that they have a $25 minimum credit card charge (which is illegal, by the way). Both have happened to me more than once since I started regularly taking cabs. Believe me, I've wanted to slap the shit out of countless cab-drivers and they probably deserved it. I can sympathize.

The difference between myself and Todd Sauerdoughbrun, though? I'm not in the NFL. If I get picked up for simple assault or drunk and disorderly or if I want to jam steroid laden needles in my ass, the entire planet doesn't find out about it.

Todd is an idiot, overrated punter who is god-awful on kickoffs and also happens to be a degenerate human being. I won't be sad to see this fuck-stick hit the highway.

Our old buddy Paulie Ernster is back to finish out the season. He sucked ass in Cleveland earlier this year, but here's to hoping he can perform well and stick around next year.


Commish CH said...

Broncos need to get themselves situated at punter this offseason. Is Luke Prestridge available? Got to be a FA in college they can pickup. This team can't afford to waste a draft pick on a punter like they did a few years back. Can't remember that punters name, but Shanny took him in the 2nd?

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Nick Harris. In the 4th...and he couldn't even beat out Tommy Rouen.

You're right though. They need to get this shit straightened out. It seems that visiting punters come in here and have career days, why cant we get a guy that has a career year?

Fuckin' punters.