Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wait. What?

Travis Henry won his appeal? How the fuck did that happen? And how was it taken out of NY state labor judge's hands? I must have missed something, because I thought that part of the matter was still going on. Was it dropped? Was anything ever ruled on there? Did the NFL voluntarily let him off the hook? Apparently it doesn't matter anymore because Henry can keep putting food on his children's tables and cash in his baby mamma's knock-off Chanel hand bags.

I was way off base on this and it pisses me off. Based on the pathetic nature of his suit, he should have lost...and lost big. I guess the NFL gave Travis an early Annual Gift Day present, because his dipshit ass should be cleaning out his locker right now.

Keep on fumbling.

UPDATE: Woody Paige wrote maybe the smartest thing he's ever written:

The league opened itself up to a potentially precarious circumstance in which the New York Supreme Court eventually could have ruled that its policy and practices in regard to substance abuse tests are not acceptable under the law.

HT: BroncoTalk

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