Thursday, December 6, 2007

Why now? Why not 12 weeks ago?

Sam Adams, seen here doing what he does best, was finally handed his waddling papers by the team a couple days ago. It's nice to have his 400 lb. ass off the squad, but couldn't have done this in training camp? Or at least when we had some semblance of a playoff shot? He's been a failure since week 1. Yeah, lets cut him now. Makes perfect sense.

Hopefully this move is indicative of the changes to come in the offseason. By that I mean Jim Bates is run out of town on the BN&SF as soon as the gun goes off on New Years Eve Eve. We abandoned your terrible scheme after it proved to be just that and hopefully we'll be abandoning you as well.

Also waiving bye bye to the Mile High is Jeff Shoate, who was somehow still drawing a paycheck. He's like Dominique Foxworth, only shittier. And 'ol Foxy is terrible, so that should tell you something about Shoate.

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