Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Check-ey later!

It's official. Jim Bates is Audi like 5 g's.

So long, jackass. You took a mediocre D and made it flat-out awful. Now we're stuck with some of your leftover fatso's. Thanks for that, shiteater.

Bob Slowik, the current D coordinator will now oversee the entire D. Lets see...the guy doesn't get a title bump but he gets all the responsibility and all of the spotlight. I hope the poor bastard at least got a pay raise. Good luck Bobby, you're going to need it.

No posts for the next week or so. I've got a family-related issue to attend to down Arizona way. Both of the people that read this blog are sure to be eagerly awaiting my return.

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aussiebronco said...


Make it 3!

First time for a comment but I do check out the site regularly.