Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Freezing my ass off

I'm finally back from my trip to scenic (ha!) and cosmopolitan (double ha!) Tucson, AZ. I came back to discover that my palatial one-bedroom apartment was without heat or hot water. It's still off - two days later. It's 18 degrees right now. It's not a good time.

So what's new in Bronco-land? Daniel Graham got his ass arrested, you say? Brilliant. That's a great way to kick off the offseason productively. At least no one got killed, I guess.

A state rep is trying to get season ticket holders the right to re-sell their ducats for whatever price they want? Who cares? They're going to do it anyway, whether they sell them through Stub-hub, craigslist or wherever. Has anyone ever gotten caught and had their tickets revoked? Of course not. I'd much rather see season ticket holders at the games than see them sell out to the highest bidder. Often the highest bidder is some ass-wipe from the city we're playing that weekend. It's the shit-head season ticket holders that sold their AFC Championship tickets to the highest bidders that allowed there to be about 20K Steelers fans in the building that day. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

TD couldn't get past the semi's in the hall of fame voting? Duh. The bottom line w/ TD is that he didn't play long enough to get HOF consideration. I don't care that Gale Sayers is in, it's a different time and a different game. Four years (excellent years, though) just isn't enough. This should put an end to the TD in the hall talk. The good news is that Randy Gradishar and Gary Zimmerman (two much more deserving candidates) are still alive. Neither, however, is likely to get in. The HOF hates Denver's clean air (ozone? what?), it's sweeping vistas and it's football team. They're such bitches that way.


Denver Obsession said...

Welcome back Herc!

There's been a serious lack of profanity around these parts - glad you're back! :)

Commish CH said...

in a sorta relatd note, did you see SB tix are $900...face value? I remember in 86 Super Bowl XXI tickets were $75.