Friday, March 21, 2008

Enjoy Atlanta, buddy

OUT: Jason Elam, K

Jason Elam now kicks for the [holds beer mug over mouth] Atlanta Falcons. They're giving him a 4 year, $9M deal with $3.3M guaranteed. We weren't going anywhere near that, especially considering this horseshit cash-flow problem the front office has concocted, and now he's kicking for someone else.

You already know I'm not too distraught by this news. Sure it'll be strange having to deal with an open competition for the place kicking job, but it was going to happen eventually. And since almost everything is pointing towards the Donks sucking ass again, it's probably the right time to say goodbye to Old Man Kicker.

Great guy, great teammate, weird-o Jesus nut, best-selling author, war hero, pilot, bear fighter and all-around badass.

Not to mention the Broncos all time leader in points scored and games played. Is he a Ring of Famer? Yeah. First ballot.

When it's all said and done, I won't remember the fact that he maxed out at 45. I won't remember that we've had to carry two kickers for the last couple of years because he can't kick off anymore.

No, I'll remember all the game-winners and the 63 yarder in a playoff game. I'll remember the way he was automatic from inside 50 for a five or six year stretch there (and pretty reliable between 50 and 55, too). I'll remember how, over that same five or six year stretch, I wouldn't have taken any kicker in the history of the league over him.

Good luck, man.

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