Monday, March 3, 2008

Marijuana IS a gateway drug (update)

Marcus Thomas -- arrested for cocaine possession. He was a passenger in a car where Clay County (FL) police found some sniff in the center console. He and the driver both denied it was theirs and surprise, surprise, the cops cuffed and stuffed them both.

UPDATE: This article has much more info (and the hilarious mugshot), so I'm just deleting the rest of the old post. It sucked anyway.

It's not as bad for him as it first looked. The driver said the coke was his and Thomas took a piss test later that morning which came back clean. I assume this guy's going to cop to the weed, too. Like Melo's boy did.

Unfortunately, there was also a .380 registered to the driver in the glove box. Oops. Some hillbilly county mounties nearly blew our starting DT's head off because his buddy wouldn't stop reaching for his fucking piece:

"Officers Joel Grant and Edward Kaczkowski said that when the driver, Bryce Carter, was asked to show his license and registration, Carter reached into the glove box. In the box, the officers spotted a black and silver semi-automatic pistol, according to the reports.

At that point, the officers said they told everyone in the car to put their hands up, but Carter allegedly continued to reach inside the glove box. Carter was instructed several times to take his hand out of the glove box and away from the gun.

Carter and Thomas were then ordered out of the gray Ford F-150, placed in custody and read their Miranda rights."

You got lucky this time, Marcus. Get some new fucking friends.


Bird said...

Herc you just "don't tolerate punks who can't handle success."

Jeez, why you gotta be a hater?

Commish CH said...

it never ceases to amaze me these guys just roll around with drugs on them. Hello, do the drugs BEFORE you go out. Sheesh.