Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Of course they did.

Seriously people. It's time to put Al Davis in a hospice. The end has to be coming soon for the delusional old buzzard, right? I mean, why else would a franchise give a malcontent wideout with two major knee surgeries under his belt and a mouth that has run him out of two towns $55M over 6 years? With $16M guaranteed!

Couple this with the 7 year, $50M deal they gave to some guy named Tommy Kelly (making him the highest paid DT in the NFL, by the way) and it further shows just how incompetent the entire franchise is from top to bottom.

Hell, even good teammates and high character guys get disgruntled in Oakland. What do you think is going to happen with Javon? I think he might actually set the complex on fire.

Check out old no. 7's take on this over at the House Of Georges. Good stuff.

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