Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Straight cash, homey

I know I haven't been around for a while, but I've been involved in a bitter salary dispute here at the law factory and I haven't had the mental energy to put up any new posts. I'm worried sick about this fucking thing and I haven't slept very well for the past few days, but I don't want to ignore the 'snorts.

So all we get for one of our starting OG's last year, Chris Meyers is a 6th round pick? Something is fishy about this. I don't know what the logic is here. I know he would probably be returning to a back up role, but the starter missed all of last season with a concussion. A concussion. You're really pinning your hopes on this guy staying healthy all year? I don't know.

Is Denver stockpiling draft picks to move up in round 1? They're currently sitting on a first, a second, two fourths, two fifths, one sixth and two sevenths. If they're planning on making a run, who are they looking at? Glenn Dorsey? Sedrick Ellis? Vernon Gholston? Jeff Otah? Knowing Shanny, it's probably someone that would be available in round 4.

That's all for me right now. Paymah, bitches!

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