Thursday, March 13, 2008

There's no one left to blame now

OUT: Ted Sundquist, GM

Well, this really doesn't make much sense. Something obviously had to have happened last night, because I don't think you could pick a worst time of the year to fire a GM. The draft is a little over a month away. You want your player evaluators to be around for that, right?

But lets be serious. The only player evaluator that matters around these parts is Shanahan. Sundquist was pretty much nothing more than his lapdog. None of the final decisions were his. Shanny is in charge of every aspect of this team. His only boss is Bowlen.

So why fire him? I know Sundquist, seeking more (or some) authority threw his hat into the ring for a couple of GM jobs, but he never made the cut. He was stuck here, bending to Shanny's every crazy whim and bonehead decision. Jim Armstrong was on the 950 this morning telling a story of the 1999 draft when Shanny went against every one of his scouts, evaluators and Sundquist and picked Travis McGriff in the third round. They were all appalled by the choice, and it turns out they were correct. Something must have come to a head last night. There was some kind of blow up and now Shanny's unwilling yes-man is gone.

This is a seriously bizarre story. This morning Mark Kiszla published an unsolicited email from Sundquist he got back in December, detailing his frustrations with his position and the organization. It's a good read, but you still suck balls, Kiszla. Here are the choice quotes:

I'm personally willing to stand up for the decisions that have been made, but understand I don't necessarily agree with them...The question isn't whether Mike is getting the right advice, as much as how it is being used. I think the assumption that our personnel department has somehow let him down and that Denver needs to hire a 'guru' to get things right is a bit off

This is Mike Shanahan's team, and don't you ever forget it.

I've had enough. You've got one more year, coach. If there isn't some significant improvement, it's time for us to move in another direction.


Commish CH said...

Shanny is getting power hungry as he gets older. AND he knows that Bowlen basically gives him everything. I thint Ted getting himself out there (TV, radio, etc) had something to do with it.

Travis McGriff...3rd rd...jeezus.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

CU's going to win the Big 12 tourney. I'm just going to go ahead and call that right now.