Sunday, March 30, 2008

You mockin' me? Part 2

The mock draft over at Mile High Report started earlier this week. As you may recall, I'm picking for the sad-sack Dolphins. My pick was DE Chris Long. He's the safest and probably best player in the draft. I was locked into him from day one and didn't move off of it.

There was talk about extending this thing for like four rounds, which is completely absurd. I'm not sure what they finally decided on, but I'm only good for another round. I don't know enough about college football players to do any more than that.

Not much else going on in Broncoland. Champ popped off about the decision to let Elam walk. I don't get it, with all of the crazy shit that's gone on this offseason, this is what he's pissed about?

Brandon Marshall sez: "I have a lot of growing up to do." Unfortunately, he said the same thing after his little domestic deal...and again after the DUI. I'll believe it when I see it.

Also, the Broncos signed back up C Casey Wiegmann a couple of weeks ago. It's an insurance move in case Tommy Nails isn't ready to go or if the 36 year old's play slips. Wiegmann is durable, very durable. He started every game for KC for seven straight years. I used to hate Wiegmann, HATE him. But hey, that's all in the past, right? We're buddies now, you and me. Whaddya say, guy?

The best news of all though, is the move they made last week that almost assures them of a third Super Bowl.

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