Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You mockin' me?

I'll be participating in a mock draft over at Mile High Report, even though they stubbornly refuse to add me to their blogroll.

They're letting everyone decide which team they want to pick for on a first-come, first-serve basis. I arrived late to the party, but somehow the first overall pick was still available, so I decided to go for the low hanging fruit.

I could just be a total jack-off and say I'm taking Jordan Dizon #1 overall, but I'm going to actually do some half-assed research and see if I can nail down a respectable choice.

I'll check out the local rags and blogs and the, ugh...message boards (I can barely stand the Broncos boards, so I'm really not looking forward to reading theirs) and see if I can make an informed, reasonable choice. This might be tough for a guy who recentely voted for Ron Paul

I personally believe that the only positions worth taking with a top 5 pick are QB and DE. Trade down if there isn't a franchise type of player there, but that's just me. Fatty-boombalatty/losing head coach of the 1998 AFC Championship game up there may disagree.

There's one name running through my head right now and since I just told you what I like, you may be able to figure out who it is. Let's see how it's shakes out.

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zapparulez said...

I think Chris Long is going to be picked up by the big Fish in Miami. But that might be a stretch. I too voted for Ron Paul a month ago. ;)