Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ryan Clady, Mensa member

Turns out Ryan Clady may be a functioning illiterate. Bank and the boys over at HOG dug up an article from the Charlotte Observer that points out in excellent detail just how dumb our new OT may be.

Clady apparently got a 13 on his wonderlic test at the combine. Ouch. The awesomest highlight from the Observer:

According to Paul Zimmerman, examples of average scores include for each NFL position (note the HIGHEST average score).

Offensive Tackle - 26
Center - 25
Quarterback - 24
Guard - 23
Tight End - 22
Safety - 19
Linebacker - 19
Cornerback - 18
Wide receiver - 17
Fullback - 17
Halfback - 16

While an average football player usually scores around 20 points, The Wonderlic, Inc claims a score of at least 10 points suggests a person is literate. Furthermore, when the test was given to miscellaneous people of various professions, it was observed that the average participant scored a 24. Examples of scores from everyday professions included,

Chemist - 31
Programmer - 29
News writer - 26
Sales - 24
Bank teller - 22
Clerical Worker - 21
Security Guard - 17
Warehouse - 15

If you read all of that, you will note that Clady is barely literate AND his score was HALF the average score of NFL offensive linemen.

Whatever. I'd wager that a full 10% of players in the NFL can't even read. If he was a drooler or wore a bicycle helmet everywhere or came out of the locker room with his shoes on the wrong feet or something, then we'd have a problem.

This isn't rocket surgery, it's football. How fuckin' smart do you really need to be?


Commish CH said...

Im sure Boise State isn't exactly the Harvard of the Northwest. I mean, they have a blue field. Sorry in advance to all my BSU friends, but your field is blue.

Bird said...

How can you not learn to read? How can you do anything if you cant read? I dont understand it.