Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Binge & Purge

A complete list of the Donks undrafted free-agent signees is out. Seven new guys total are in. Here's the list. I've never heard of any of them.

Anthony Aldridge, RB - Houston
Garrett Hartley, K - Oklahoma
Brett Kern, P - Toledo
Mitch Erickson, OT - South Dakota State (A hotbed of college football)
Lorne Sam, WR - UTEP
Wesley Woodyard, LB - Kentucky
Tyler Polumbus, OT - Colorado (of course. It wouldn't be Broncos football if we didn't sign an undrafted OT from CU)

I guess it's nice that we've got some kicking competition, but otherwise, I've got nothing on any of these guys. Enjoy the practice squad, fellas!

Unfortunately, signing a bunch of young cats means a bunch of less young cats are gonna get the ax. Here's that list.

Michael Bozeman, DT
Mark Fenton, OT (The undrafted CU OT from last year)
Paul Smith, FB
Steven Jackson, FB
William Kershaw, LB
Marquis Weeks, RB
Steve Cargile, S

Except for Smith and Cargile, there aren't any real surprises there. I really liked Cargile in the preseason last year. He got some playing time in the regular season, but didn't really do much with it. Smith was brought in to be a special teams badass, but again, didn't deliver.

Enjoy unemployment, fellas!

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