Monday, April 14, 2008

Some stuff...and junk!

Hey hey, stuff...and junk (not related to Cutler/Marshall) is finally happenin.'

Looks like the Donks are looking at some FA kickers, including Mike Vanderjagrmeister and Mitch Berger. Mitch Berger? I thought Mitch Berger was Methuselah old, but it turns out he's only 35. I wouldn't mind having either of those guys on the team. As long as the "idiot kicker" keeps his mental deficiencies and booze problems off the field on Sunday, he's pretty servicable. I seem to recall Berger absolutely hammering punts when he came to town, so we'll see.

In other smart personnel decisions (if they come to fruition), the Donks are looking at FA wideout Darrell Jackson. Jackson had a down year last year, but SF is so god-awful, it's kind of hard to fault a guy for that. Just a smart, smart decision to go after him. He will likely easily be the number two guy and could fill in for Marshall if he's not ready to go by camp. This is something that should have happened before they even sniffed at Keary Colbert. The other wideout in the article, Samie Parker, is nothing more than a warm body.

The good news is that it appears that the team is starting to deal with filling some of their glaring holes. DT and the O line are next up...hopefully.

Turns out I'm going to be moving into a different palatial one bedroom apartment during draft weekend. It'll be the first draft I've missed in quite a while and I'm a little bit irritated by that. Next time I'm signing an 11 month lease.

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