Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thanks, morons

Things in the AFC West just got a little easier thanks to Carl Peterson and Coach Dungy up there.

The Chiefs went ahead and dealt their best player and Bronco terrorizer Jared Allen off to the Vikings for the 17th, 73rd and 82nd picks in the draft.

Allen is ONLY arguably the best DE in the league and he ONLY just finished a season where he led the league in sacks (after missing the first two games), so yeah, it makes a bunch of sense to trade him away for three unknowns.

KC has given up on being competitive for the next couple of seasons, and that's just fine with me.


Commish CH said...

heard Herm on Mike Tirico show today is he was practically downright giddy about the deal. Also mentioned they hope to get "7 or 8" starters from THIS year's draft.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Nice. The Chiefs might actually be pretty good in four or five years.

I can't believe Herm Edwards is gainfully employed in the NFL.

bankmeister said...

Keep it comin', boys. Keep it comin'. Our first three picks today were homeruns, and I trust it will continue tomorrow. If either of you honestly think that getting a first round, two thirds and swapping spots wasn't a good deal for Allen, then you don't know as much about 'ballin' as I once imagined. Especially if you consider he wanted out some time ago.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Yeah, you guys had a pretty good weekend. I'll give you that. The Falcons are going to seriously regret taking Ryan over Dorsey or Gholston.

The Raiders are still clueless though, right? We can all agree on that.