Friday, April 25, 2008

He's done Hillman College proud

IN: Dewayne Robertson, DT

This long awaited deal finally happened yesterday. The Donks will get the so-far dissapointing 4th overall pick of the 2003 draft. In exchange, they'll ship the Jets a conditional pick next year (Terms weren't disclosed, but some Wikipedia clown says it's a late round pick that could jump to second...and that Denver has already given him a 5 year deal. I love how people just make shit up).

Good move here. Doesn't cost us a whole lot, and it's nice that the Donks are finally addressing a huge problem on defense. Hey, at least it only took two months into the offseason, right?

The draft is tomorrow, and since I'm also changing palatial one-bedroom apartments tomorrow, I won't get to watch a frickin' lick of it. I'll have neither a TV nor an internet hookup until Sunday, so it looks like I'm coming into the law factory on Saturday night just to find out who we picked up. Irritating as hell.

I've said it before, OT or DT. Those are the ony two acceptable positions to draft if we don't move down (or up). After picking up Robinson, I think they can hold off on a DT for a while, meaning OT is the only choice. If Ryan Clady is still on the board, it should be a no-brainer. Which of course means that Shanahan will draft a wideout.

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