Wednesday, May 7, 2008


John-boy has further stereotyped Denver as an overgrown cow-town. How? He sunk a bunch of cash or "invested" to you Wall St. types in PBR. No, not Pabst Blue Ribbon (that's actually an "investment" I can get behind). PBR in this case stands for Professional Bull Riders, Inc. A frickin' rodeo.

That's exactly what this town needed, it's most famous and well loved professional athlete investing in some stupid, redneck, mouth-full-of-chaw nonsense.

Whatever. His partner in this "investment" is Wayne Gretzky. Anyone remember the last time numbers 99 and 7 teamed up in the business world?

Yeah. Expect PBR to lose millions.


Commish CH said...

The constant tension between those who want to portray Denver as a Old West town (boots, spurs, rodeos, horses, etc) and those who want to cast it as the New West (technology, culture, art, cosompolitan) will be at FULL head this summer during the DNC.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Good point. Personally I hope the latter wins out.