Friday, June 6, 2008

Former wideout uniform number 84 is still running his idiot mouth

Can someone put a muzzle on this fucking clown?

"It's personal", says former wideout uniform number 84.

"That team is going to see me in the opener," Walker said. "They are going to see me, I'll tell you that. They'll see what they are missing."

Here's what "that team" is missing:

"That team" is also missing one of these:

And these:

Former wideout says things came to a head during the Jax game last year.

"I was open and they didn't get me the ball," Walker said. "Here I was busting my butt, draining my knee, to be able to go out and make plays and they didn't get me the ball. After that, I started to take care of my knee."

No one was open that game, fuckstick. We had our asses handed to us all over the field. Cut didn't see you once when you were open and that's an excuse to shut it down, you little bitch? You think he holds grudges like that? Like he's a little fuckin' kid? You're a foolish, foolish bastard. Am I the only one acting like fuckin' professional, here?

"I was ready in those final games and they just didn't want me to be a part of the offense," Walker said. "It just didn't work for me there with that team. They wanted me to take a pay cut in the middle of the season. They just didn't care about me. I'm glad I'm out of there."

You think you're glad? Hoo boy. Let's look a little closer at a couple of these brainless statements:

"they just didn't want me to be a part of the offense." and "they just didn't care about me."

These are the dumbest things anyone has ever said. Ever. Do you realize, former wideout, just how much of a whining, puerile, little pantywaist homo this makes you look like?

Know why you weren't a part of the offense those last couple of games? Here's why:

Also, this guy turned out to be quite a bit better than you:

You're a worthless sack of shit, former wideout. Enjoy that 4-12 record next year. Bitch. I hope somebody burns your fucking house down.

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Munpe Q said...

God cuz damn!

Commish CH said...

yo Herc, you need to go throw up some bench press reps at 200+! Youre killing him my man! And we love it!