Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cream of the Crop

In what I hope will be a recurring feature, I've scoured the comments from the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News Broncos articles for the most absurd, idiotic and/or nonsensical thoughts from the brain-dead clowns that comment on newspaper websites. On to the show!

From Klis' "Bucs say Plummer owes $7M":

So the running backs were taught a lesson with the Travis Henry mistake, and the quarterbacks were taught a lesson with the Jake Plummer mistake. I guess if Shanahan makes enough mistakes everyone will be motivated enough to win a few games. Wake me up when that happens

Nick K

How exactly was Jake Plummer a mistake? Because you didn't like him? I'm so sick of hearing about how terrible Jake was. All Jake did was go 10-6, 10-6, 13-3, get the team to an AFC championship game, set franchise records in 1) passing yards in a game, 2) passing yards in a season 3) TD passes in a season (tied) and 4) consecutive passes w/out an interception. Shitty!

From Paige's "2,000 for Young, don’t laugh"

Excellent work from Woody. Great stats with a fascinating look at the rest of the rookie class! Thanks, Woody. You did yourself proud.


Fascinating look? All he did was list the running backs drafted in '07 (in a format nearly impossible to read w/out getting a headache) and gave their yardage total. Also, giving Woody any kind of praise whatsoever will land you here.

From Lindsay Jones' (who?) "Shanahan's actions speak loud, clear"

O1 Henry probably wasn't around to be told he was cut if you read between the lines. has noted of rumors of a confrontation between Ol Henry & Shanny so if that did happen Shanny wouldn't want to talk to him again anyway! Message sent to all on the squad now that's for sure: show up, shut up, & gettr' done! This will be a better team than last year ...... Thank GOD!


O1 Henry? Is that supposed to be O Henry or Ol' Henry? Gettr done, indeed.

The best for last. From Armstrong's "Henry gone, but Young is just getting started"

Selfin not "very" small, he 5' 11" 210 just like Terrel Davies ( 5'11 210). He makey plays with lot of poise guy, lot of poise rookie. If can break tackle beter and smash enemy player watch Selfin cards go up ebay.

Horvil Tiki

Yikes! Normally I wouldn't make fun of an ESL guy, because multilingual people are pretty impressive to me, but "makey plays" is my new favorite phrase.

I'm not picking on the Post here, but the News didn't really have any terrible comments. Tune in sometime for another installment. Maybe.


Munpe Q said...

Q's Comments:

1) First Post

2) Holy Crap

3) I think I pancaked in my chair while reading.

4) Pancaking is the art of sharting while sitting



Bird said...

I shall co-opt makey plays tonight as the Dirty Rockets take on some sad-sack bowling team (I know you dont makey plays in bowling but the Dirty Rockets arent your average bowling that we suck).

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Makey plays, motherfuckers. Makey. Plays.