Monday, June 2, 2008

Mike and Mike and Mike to ruin Broncos season opener

ESPN has pissed off countless Americans by announcing that the Mikes Greenburg, Golic and Ditka will be back in the booth for the second half of the MNF doubleheader on week 1, Broncos @ Oakland.

I don't actually hate Mike and Mike, the radio show isn't that bad. However, they did this last year and it was a complete disaster. The audio was so bad you couldn't hear any of them without cranking up the TV and then going deaf when the commercials came on. That coupled with the fact that Greenburg and Golic spent the last half of the game openly fellating Ditka on the air, made for must skip TV.

What I could actually hear from Greenburg wasn't really that bad. If you can get past the fish-lipped delivery, he's not a terrible play-by-play guy. Golic on the other-hand, was awful. Ditka is a complete clown and shouldn't be allowed on TV. He brings absolutely nothing to a broadcast or a studio show.

Hopefully an audio tech had been fired, Greenie and Golic learned something from their time as ESPN's #1 Arena League announcing team and Ditka has another heart attack.

Was this terrible post just an excuse to run this photo? Yes.

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Kyle said...

So much better than Kornheiser and company though, IMO. I'll welcome it.