Monday, June 2, 2008

Why now?

OUT: Travis Henry, RB

The Donks waved bye-bye to Travis Henry this morning citing a "lack of commitment."

Something must have happened within the last couple of days, Because you don't just ax a guy with that kind of talent. Especially a guy that just took a massive pay-cut and has been a model citizen this offseason. He was saying all of the right things in the media, so what exactly was the problem? Did he mouth off to Shanahan? Was he not rehabbing his hammy? How do you even rehab a hamstring injury?

Unless he was such a bad apple that he was dragging everyone else down, I don't understand why you would do this now.

It's a moot point though, Selvin Young is Jim Brown and Eric Dickerson rolled into one ass-kicking Super-back.


Commish CH said...

something happenned, either a "locker room dustup" or like that for Ayatollah Shanny to do this now. Wonder how the vets feel about this?

Crosshare said...

That picture makes me thristy!