Saturday, June 21, 2008

Semper High

Uh oh. Looks like Mike Anderson, 2000 offensive rookie of the year for your Denver Broncos will be suspended for a year for violating the league's drug policy. You'll recall, I'm sure, that Cpl. Anderson was suspended for four games back in aught three for testing positive for the smokin' green.

That should pretty much do it for his career. He's 34, 35 after he sits out 2008. Not likely that anyone, save Shanahan, will give him another shot.

This stings a little, Mike was a monster for us. He did everything we ever asked him to do without complaint. Jerked him around from HB to FB and back again. Hell, he tore his groin and missed an entire season (a season that would have seen him as the #1 HB) because he was covering punts in the fourth quarter of a meaningless pre-season game. That's how much we relied on him.

Shitty way for him to go out.


Broncodj said...

He was a beast, I liked him too. How hard can it be to stay off the "green" when it is going to kill your livelihood (which is more money than most of us see in 10 years!). Dumb as a pile of rocks

Kyle said...

No one signed him. I think he just said fuck it and smoked it up. He'd been walking the straight and narrow since 03, but after a while it just didnt seem worth it.

My theory anyway.