Friday, June 13, 2008

Thanks for Playing

OUT: A bunch of guys

8 draft picks need to be signed and that means you gotta say farvel, arrivederci, tot ziens to a few marginal players with little or no shot of making the team.

Getting pinked today was Cullen "Seamus" Finnerty-QB, Brandon "Walsh" Archer-LB, Julian "Leroy" Jenkins-DE, "Jake" Taylor Jacobs-WR, Danny "Tanner" Baugher-P and Vickiel "'s Vapo-Rub" Vaughn-S.

Basically a bunch of guys that should probably be in CFL training camps. Baugher, if you'll recall was the guy that beat up on his dad in a Burger King parking lot or some shit. Watch out, Mom. You're next.

Also, I'm actually kind of glad a guy whose real nickname has to be Vicky isn't around menstruating all over the locker room.


Munpe Q said...

Looks like they're headed for Monument Valley. It's a good vacation spot for those who aren't in the middle of football practice.

Ronna said...

Great work.