Sunday, July 13, 2008

American Century - Day 3. 10th, 58th, 81st

It's all over. John came back to earth a little bit and finished with +17 for the day, dropping him to a tie for 10th. With whom did he tie you ask? One guess. Great showing for him overall, though.

Your winner was Rick Rhoden of course, followed by Dan Quinn, Tony Romo, Grant Fuhr, Jack Wagner, Brett Hull and Pierre Larouche. Too bad you cant make a living handicapping celebrity golf, because I did pretty good there.

The Coach had his best round of the tourney, but remained in 58th. Herm Edwards? 68th. Your coach is inferior in every way, KC. I bet Shanny gives it to his wife better than Hermy does, too.

The Quarterback finished second to last, comfortably ahead of Barkley, but still 11 points away from third to last. He and Barkley were by far the two worst hackers out there, but Cut's only been playing a year, so there's lots of room for improvement. His swing isn't terrible, but he has problems making solid contact like a lot of beginners do and his short game is a mess, but a couple of lessons and a lot of practice rounds and he'll be all good. Middle of the pack finish by next year.


Bird said...

They have Sakic's Country as USA...they do know he's a Canadian boy right??

Commish CH said... must be the proverbial dog days. The freakin sports section was 8 pages long today.