Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Broncos are playing golf

That's right folks, its time for the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship! Love, love this event. It's always fun to watch world class athletes suck at something, and some of these guys swing a club like they're swinging a sickle. Ray Romano will clown around and be a jackass. Everyone will make fun of Charles Barkley's seizure swing and openly fellate Michael Jordan (who will have a $1M Nassau going with Wayne Gretzky). It's a good time.

Favorites include Steve Bartkowski, Al Del Greco, Grant Fuhr, Pierre Larouche, Dan Quinn, Rick Rhoden, Billy Joe Tolliver and Jack Wagner. Look for some combination of those names at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the tourney. You might see a Tony Romo or a Maury Povich string a couple of nice rounds together and sneak into the top five, but most of the time it's the ususal suspects at the top.

For the Donks, the Coach, the Quarterback and The Legend are participating. Johnboy plays to a 1 handicap, so he's got the best shot at it. He's usually in the top 15 or so. Shanny's got a nice swing, but I'm not sure how well he plays. Cut's only been playing for about a year, so he's looking at a high (low) score at a tough course.

Should be some fun stuff if you're into golf. Check back this weekend for regular updates.

Bonus points to anyone who can name the course from the photo.


Commish CH said...

I'd like to see someone just rail through about 15 CLs during the tourney. I think Barkley could do it.

My guess..Fossil Trace, Golden. Hope Shanny uses some sunscreen, he's looking more leathery each year.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

This post is going to get buried and since no but the Commish cares about golf, its Pinion Hills in Farmington, NM.

Best course I've ever played. And they turned one of my old regular courses, Harding Park in SF, into a PGA course. Tiger even graced it with his presence.

PH was better than Harding. It's routinely a top 3 NM course in Golf Digest's rankings.