Monday, July 21, 2008

Horvil Tiki does not dissapoint

My man Horvil Tiki's comment on Woody Paige's most recent brainless, nauseating, weekend ruining "column" is pure fucking gold. In fact it's better than gold. It's diamonds and platinum and sapphires and rubies and shit all rolled up into one awesome package.

Take it away Horvil:

I want see defence dee fence! I get big screen tv guy I want see big hit. Where big hit last year? Not nothing anything worse than bad dee fence. I know not only bad thing. But I want see enemy player get hits real hard bad even if win. Got to break down. Got to hone it guy. Got to get back to fundaments. I want see good takkle at point of attacks. I want Shanhan give big keg of beirs to guy that hit rivers. Every time. Last year I felt like sorry little man. Everyone laugh at me and denver dee fence. Even father stand make angry claw sign on third down not help. What is dove valley. Weakest name I want see toomstone jackson valley. Toomstone valley call it. Mile highs magic left building last year come on guy make noise I want see camera shake. I make Bronco subwoofer, I want hear woof base when crowd noise. Come on guys in crowd pick up this year. Make enemy team confuse. I want see nuty guy in barrels. Make say oh no they are crazy fan, we cant win here everything going crazy too crazy for us. I want see mean deefence line like giant. They like wild animal want raw meat guy. Stop at nothing. Make bradie look like raw meat in soup bowl. If not sack family starve in wastes.

Horvil Tiki

You thought "makey plays" was good? This makes "makey plays" look like something Woody Paige would vomit out onto his keyboard.

Back to fundaments, people.

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Ian said...

I really love this fucking guy... I'd sign him if I had anything to sign him to.