Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Terry Frei teaches me stuff

Things I learned while reading '77:

Terry's dad Jerry was the teams O-Line coach under Ralston and again later under Dan Reeves.

South Carolina's "ball coach" Steve Spurrier was the first QB cut in training camp.

Larry Csonka's old running mate from the '72 Dolphins, Jim Kiick was on the active roster for most of the season before being cut for good (he was cut in camp before being re-signed).

There were rumors of Craig Morton taking a dive in the Super Bowl, and looking at his numbers, that's not such a preposterous notion. (4-15, 35 yds, 4 INT's - a negative 11 QB rating, worst ever). He owed a bunch of cash for gambling debts and other miscellaneous bad investments. The Broncos advanced him $125K to cover some of it. Yeah he was beat to shit and had been in and out of the hospital for the previous couple of weeks, but the speculation about a lay-down remains. As a side note, one of the few bar fights I've ever been in started because some jackass was running his mouth about how John took $6M to take a dive in SB 24.

The Oakland A's were thisclose from buying out their lease with Oakland and moving to Denver. One of the suggested names? The Orange Sox. That would have been beyond excellent.

Elvis Presley bought Cadillacs for about half the Denver PD.

Also, Terry absolutely killed it in his column today.


Commish CH said...

Excellent book...ran through it in about a day on a recent Mexico trip. All Donk fans should be required to read it not just for the team history but the Metro area's humble history of the late 70s. This book almost makes me forgive Terry for loving Rick Neuhiesel too much

Crosshare said...

I think Kyle needs to get this article up on Broncotalk. It's full of win and awesome.