Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Week in Cream of the Crop

We've only got two this week, but oh man are they doozies.

From Gaithright & Rasizer's, "Bronco Changed his Story" This is a detailed piece about the incident between Marshall and his girlfriend and it mentions in passing a protective order the woman had against Marshall and the girlfriend firing her lawyer. It prompted this bit of insanity:

KaySieverding writes:

It is true that some divorce and palimony lawyers in Colorado make baseless accusations of molestation in order to get an advantage in a civil matter even though that is prohibited by the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 4.5. I can prove it. A domestic abuse restraining order was issued on me even though I didn't meet the statutory categories (see Understanding Protective Orders Colorado Bar Association web site). Jane Bennett didn't employ me, we weren't related and never lived together, and we never had a sexual relationship. We were never alone. I was not convicted of a crime involving Jane Bennett and no Colorado attorney general requested that a restraining order be issued. The restraining order was issued so that Jane and Kevin Bennett could get away with building extra buildings on their property at 710 Princeton Ave. in Steamboat Springs. Those buildings aren't even listed on the Routt County tax rolls. The lawyer who arranged this, Randall Klauzer, was primarily a divorce lawyer.

It was a really bad scene. Jane Bennett followed me around town calling the cops whenever she saw me and she would park in front of my house right next to the drive. She followed me thru Wal Mart trying to take my picture.

Now, I know Kay Sieverding. Well, I've never actually met the woman, but I'm quite familiar with her work. You know what I do for a living. She filed a bunch of crazy handwritten lawsuits based on this dispute with her neighbors. I'm talking Jonathan Lee Riches level crazy. It got so bad, a judge told her if she filed another complaint w/out an attorney's name on it he'd throw her in jail. She filed one and the judge tossed her in the pokey. He let her out on the promise that she would drop all of her nonsensical suits, but of course she didn't. I encourage you to read the updates she provides at that link. Good stuff. Some of the Sieverding mess can be found here. Scroll down to "Background"

From Woody's Mailbag, it's our old friend Horvil Tiki:

Dears Woodrow Tiberius Grandfather Woodchuck,

First quest, can I has Jay Cutler autograph? He hard to get from east coast.

Second, before Bronco draft in makey chat Denver Post you say Bronco not high on Clady. Then Bronco pick Clady. Why Bronco not high on Clady? Was they makey wrong choice before draft to makey other team think not choice? I watch youtoob and clady pan cake guy to ground hard then fall on guy as get up. Fall on guy as get up! Like ton of brick house! Mean spirit guy we need guy this makey all the plays.

Three, sorry guy in first quest. Secon rushmore Chanp Baily. Three rushmore Steve Atwater cause megaton Okoye hit on monday night, call see play before happen, I dont care what guys say he there cause that. Four is reserve Jay Cutsler and is megaton propeller arm fully upgrade diabetes checked Elway cross return to stomach of receives.

Thank you Grandfather Woodchuck. Mighty Bronco wisdom man. May no disease toad rain on family area abode.

Horvil Tiki

That might be the greatest comment I've ever read. Ever.

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