Saturday, August 23, 2008


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from the Packers game on Fri.


The first team O scored on all three drives it had in the first half and tallied 17 points. One of said drives went 99 1/2 yards and chewed up eight and a half minutes. Offense looks real, real good.

Jay Cutler hasn't been sacked in the preseason. Nice job by the line. Improving every single week, especially the young tackles.

If Selvin and Andre Hall can both stay healthy, the running game will be very, very good.

The rushing D was very solid, especially up the middle. Dwayne Robertson clogs the middle and takes up multiple blockers. Exactly the way Sam Adams didn't. Best off-season move so far.

Matt Prater finally hit his first kick of a game. He's a complete monster on kickoffs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think every Denver kickoff was a touchback.

Rook FB Peyton Hillis had a critical third down catch on that lengthy drive. He was the primary FB on that drive and did an excellent job. Cecil might want to watch his back, the kid looked real good.

Nate Jackson. You cannot get rid of this guy. Just when you think he's on the bubble, he catches a TD and looks very good blocking on the outside. Cockroaches, rats and Nate Jackson.


The first team D gave up an easy TD on the Pack's first drive. They marched right through Denver like Sherman through Atlanta.

Again, absolutely zero pass rush. Rodgers and Brohm had all day to throw. This is a serious problem. Elvis finally notched a sack at the end of the half, but sheesh.

Corners playing seven yards off the receiver on third and four. What the fuck is that all about? You're going to get a quick toss that way every single time. I'll never fucking understand that. It's retarded.

Speaking of Dre Bly, he was terrible.

Cutler was not impressive. 6 of 13 for 115yds. He did have two TD's but he got bailed out on the last one by Brandon Marshall, who is disgustingly good by the way. Cut saw the single coverage on him w/ no safety help and audibled to a go route, which he underthrew. The Packers lined up in the same D on the next play and Cut went to the go again...and underthrew it again. Marshall was able to reach back and bat it up into the air and bobbled it a couple of times, finally hauling it in for an easy TD. UPDATE: I guess this wasn't really underthrown. Eat a dick.

Terrible two minute defense at the end of the half.

My man Cliff Russell may have cost himself a spot on the team with a drop in the end zone on fourth and goal. Right now he looks better than Keary Colbert or even Darrell Jackson (did he even play?), but I don't know man....that drop was huge. Hopefully it won't cost him a spot, but I could see something like that being the deciding factor.

Chad Mustard whiffed badly on a block late in the game and nearly got Patrick Ramsey killed. As it turned out, Ramsay was blasted as he threw, the ball fluttered up into the air and was easily snatched by a Pack D-lineman deep in Denver territory. GB took it to the house four plays later. If you're looking for a play that lost Denver the game, that one was it. If the rest of the TE's can stay healthy, Mustard is gone.


Is it me or does Darrell Hackney look like a full-sized Arnold Jackson?

There was an insane sideline interview w/ a midget from Taco Bell about the Tacos for Kids program or some shit. He probably wasn't technically a midget, but he came up to about mid-chest of the guy interviewing him. He was tanned as fuck and looked like he A-Rod style purple lipstick. Weird little exchange.

Elvis and Marquand Manual both broke fingers and will need surgery. Both should be ready for opening day. A guy I really like, the monsterous Paul Carrington, also got dinged up.

All in all, it was a decent night. The O is looking great.

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