Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gameday, motherfuckers

It's been a long time, friend. Welcome back.

Unfortunately, if you can believe it, I'm gonna have to miss this live. Yeah. I know. I've got a law factory summer party that I absolutely have to go to. It doesn't look good when you skip these inane functions, so I have to put in a couple hours. If it was a regular season game, I'd blow this nonsense off in a second. Jesus, it was law factory Rockies game on Thursday. How much camaraderie does a law factory need? Most of these people hate each other. Why the charade?

Anyway, I'll tivo it and stay sober enough to be coherent when I get home. Anyone at the party who mentions the game in any fashion is going in the pool, clothed or not.

What do you watch for in these games? Well, the only thing that really matters is injury free play. You'd like to see the first string O to move the ball effectively when they're in there. It would be nice if the first string D forced at least one three and out and didn't give up any points. Matt Prater better be damn near perfect. You look for good line play on both sides of the ball. Hopefully it's a crisp, mistake free game.

The rest of it is pretty much a wash. A couple of guys will step up and impress, a couple of guys will disappoint.

There's maybe 10 roster spots up for grabs, but I don't get too excited for that aspect of it. Why? Because barring injuries, of those 10 guys, 8 will be deactivated on game-day for 16 straight weeks and the other two likely will never see the field. A lot of guys are into that shit, but I don't really care who the 6th LB or the 8th DB is. They're never going to play when it matters. And if they do, something is seriously wrong.

Check back tomorrow for the recap.

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