Sunday, August 10, 2008

Starting off

Mixed bag from Denver's loss last night. There were some positives, there were some negatives and there was some play sloppy play overall.

This year I'm going to go ahead and steal from about a half dozen places and bring you the Good, the Bad and the Ugly for each game.


The first team O got some rhythm on their second and last possession and ripped off a lengthy 75 yd drive ending w/ an impressive 15 yd TD run by Cutler. We're gonna need a lot of points again this year.

Wesley Woodyard looked like a young Al Wilson. He was flying around everywhere. Impressive night from that kid.

Anthony Aldridge is fast as hell. Third quarter: typical Denver running play. O-line drives left, backside is cut down at the knees, Aldridge is supposed to make one cut and go, only he cut right into a waiting LB. He bounced it past the guy and turned on the jets down the sideline for 30 yard gain. It was an insane play.

There's just something about Cliff Russell and Lamont Reid. I want both of those guys on this team.

Nate Jackson had a nice game.

Nate Webster's helmet made it's first appearance of the season.

Casey Weigmann got beat badly once, but overall he was pretty solid.

Christian Morton had one of the biggest hits on a QB I've ever seen. He came in untouched on a corner blitz and just destroyed Sage Rosenfels, who coughed it up. Rosenfels was staring at his receiver so hard he never saw Morton coming straight at him. It was awesome. More on this guy later.


Actually, more on this guy right now. He's terrible. A pass interference call, a holding call, cream cheese coverage all night long.

I'm surprised that Patrick Ramsay has a job in this league. He's how do you say...not good. At all. If Cut goes down (knocks furiously on wood), we're in serious trouble.

Ryan Harris had a terrible, terrible night. He's got to get better. An illegal formation call wipes out a huge gain on the first series. A holding call as Denver was driving in the second half, and another on first and goal on that same drive.

Niko K was pretty much absent from the game. I heard his name maybe once.

Ryan Clady got manhandled by Mario Williams early on. Just abused. He picked it up a little bit later on, but he's still got a ways to go.

The D in general was pretty crappy. Two long, time consuming drives to open the game. No pressure on the QB. Receivers running wide open down the middle. Big holes for RB's. A lot of starters weren't playing, including three quarters of the secondary (Dre Bly did play a little later on though) so take it with a grain of salt. Disappointing, but still really early.


Boss Bailey (of course) sprained his ankle early on and didn't return. Starting to wonder about that guy.

Three plays later, Bailey's backup Louis Green suffered a neck injury and was carted off the field and taken to the hospital. He was back in the locker room by the end of the game, so he should be alright. Like Warrick Holdman last year, an injury might have cost him his roster spot.

A shit ton of penalties. Hey, it's early.

The Denver Broncos uniforms. It's been 11 years now. It's time for a change. Keep the logo, but the unis have to go. The blue pants are tolerable, but the white pants have to stop.

Conclusion: Satisfactory for the first game in eight months.


Ian said...

You've got the best tags in the whole blog nation. Good observations too, but go a little easy on Ryan Harris, that illegal formation could have been called on any of the lineman and one of those holding penalties was null...

Great blog, as always.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Thanks Ian.

As for Harris, It's not like he was uncovered at the end of the line on that play. He was lined up off the line of scrimmage. Totally his fault.

Commish CH said...

You think that Ramsey might be in danger? There will be QBs available. Pennington wouldve been a perfect fit. Shanny and his Offensive brain trust have never been too good with backup QBs (witness van mullet being a #2 for the whole year)

Horvil Tiki said...

I got so burnted bye the van pelted he cards go to glory on the ebay when pre seasonal play like world beated. I so pist guy he becomes the dooky I has stackt cards van pelted no one wants it guy. no one.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Welcome Horvil. Big, big fan.

Commish: I don't see how he can't not be in danger. You're right. Pennington would be perfect for this offense.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Ugh. Woody Paige did the EXACT same thing on Sunday, and about 8 hours before I posted this. I swear I didn't read it until now.

Oh boy...looks like it's suicide again for me.