Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's ovuh!

Remember when I said I'd be around sparingly over the next couple of weeks? I lied.

The nature of the law factory game is sometimes you bust your ass only to watch the work disappear right in front of your face. And you move on to the next one, where the same thing is likely to happen. It's a little frustrating sometimes.

Anyway, it leaves me relatively free to talk about how the having the Cowboys in town is a lot of fun.

During the morning workout, the Broncos' defense was getting the better of the Cowboys' offense when tempers flared. Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams yanked the helmet off Broncos' defensive tackle Marcus Thomas and swung it in a threatening manner. Some pushing, pulling and cursing followed but order was restored without any punches thrown.

I'm surprised Centipede Jones was able to hold back and not go ape-shit on somebody Kermit Washington style.

Speaking of mediocre cornerbacks, this little feud Jones has going with Brandon Marshall is really getting stupid. I realize that Brandon Marshall doesn't have a lot of credibility himself, but at least he's pretty fucking good. Jones, on the other hand, has ZERO credibility and he pretty much fucking sucks. Oh, and he's technically not really allowed to play football yet.

You'd think a guy like that would maybe want to keep a low profile, right? Nope. He's running his mouth about how TO is ten times faster and ten times stronger than Marshall (who has been beating Jones like a Jersey wife all week).

Marshall's been a little childish himself, wearing stupid little messages taped to his pads during practice. "21's no Champ", cutesy shit like that. He's being retarded, but Galaga started it.

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Commish CH said...

I was always a Dig Dug guy. And what was the game where you built hamburgers? Also, I played 'Tapper' at some sorrid out of the way bar this summer.