Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Long, long days

I know it's been several days, since I posted anything, but work has been shittay. With a capital ittay. I worked 11 hours yesterday and another 10 today. The rest of the week doesn't get any better, which sucks because next week looks pretty terrible too. And I just know Lumbergh is going to have me come in on Saturday. Maybe some of you reading this blog on your computatin' machine are farmers who work sun-up to sun-down, but I'm a fat, lazy, citified bastard. I like to work my 7.5 and get the fuck out. This shit is killing me.

Posts might be a little sparse for the next couple of weeks. Great time for it to happen, huh? Shit is finally getting interisting and I'm forced to pretty much ignore it. Shit, Chad Mustard's back! That alone is good for three posts.

Some guys got cut (one guy I liked: Lamont Reid, one guy I hated: Christian Morton), some guys were signed (CB Wale Dada, CB Tyrone Poole) and some fat guys are now allowed to play with the rest of the kids. So you see, there's a lot going on.

Wait. Tyrone Poole? Didn't we already cut him like six years ago because he was fucking terrible? We did? cornerbacks get better with age?

The really big news though, is that the Cowboys are in town for a few practices leading up to the game on Sat. You know what that means? That's right, the Denver Broncos are coming to HBO! I love the idea of Hard Knocks and I have stumbled across a couple of episodes, but I don't watch it regularly. I don't watch it because I don't want to care about anyone on the overblown Cowboys or the loser Chiefs or the irrelevant Ravens or any other lame ass team that doesn't end in oncos. Now that Denver's involved, even peripherally, I'm going to watch at least one episode.

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