Saturday, August 30, 2008

Scissor me! - UPDATE ME!

It's cut day. Here's who got the 'ol high hard one:

FB, Cecil Sapp. Tough break. Got hurt last night and was waived-injured. Cecil gets cut every other year and he always comes back. Peyton Hillis is comparable and much younger. I don't think we've seen the end of Cecil though. UPDATE: The RMN got it wrong. Cecil was put on IR. Brett Pierce was waived-injured. Stupid News.

P, Sam Paulescu. Kern has better hang time. Much better hang time. That's why he won.

QB, Darrel Hackney. Nothing surprising. The brain trust has decided that Patrick Ramsey is an acceptable insurance policy. I'm not saying that Hackney is, though. He's got a cannon arm, but he's wild as shit. His footwork is kind of terrible and if his first receiver isn't there, he starts running. Usually into the back of a guard. I think my point here is that Patrick Ramsey sucks.

WR, Glen Martinez. The Truth. Too bad. I like having a guy named Martinez on the squad, but he wasn't going to get a shot returning punts and Keary Colbert played himself into a job last night.

G, PJ Alexander. Same deal as w/ Cecil. PJ always gets cut and always comes back.

TE, Brett Pierce. Had zero shot coming in. I think he knew what was up.

DE, Paul Carrington. Really disappointed w/ this one. Dude is 6'7", 275. He's a scary, scary monster.

DE, Larry Birdine. He was excellent last night. I thought he played himself into a job, too. Nope.

S, Josh Barrett. On the flip side, here's a guy that may have played himself out of a job last night. Practice squad if no one else wants him. They wont.

G, Mitch Erickson. Who the hell is Mitch Erickson?

DT, Steven Harris. Same drill as Pierce. No shot.

and finally:

TE, Chad Mustard. Keep your phone on, Chad. You know you're coming back at some point. I'm sure Denver Public Schools could use a few substitute math teachers while you're waiting for the call.

Also, Anthony Alridge tore ligaments in his foot last night and was put on IR. He was insane in that game. Fastest guy I've seen on this team in a long time. Tough break.

Doing the math here, we still need to whack several more. I'll be back later once I find out who they are.

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