Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mike Shanahan gets it

Sorry for the lack of content. I've been slammed at work and quite frankly, I'm still a little pissed off. Fuck you, Jacksonville.

There's good news this week. Mike Shanahan has seen the light on a couple of issues that I yammered about so vulgarly in my last post.

Thank god. In my opinion, the personnel we have fits a 3-4 better anyway. Dewayne Robertson or Kenny Peterson at starting NT (I'm sure Robertson isnt' happy about this, but fuck him), Some combo of Eb Ek, Crowder and Marcus Thomas starting on the outsides. Dumerville and Moss moving to OLB. John Engleberger watching from the bench. Love this move. Love. It.

As for Pittman. This should have been done regardless of who the back is. Run the guy until he can't run anymore then put in a back-up. When your top dog is ready to go again, you put him back in. This is how it's been done since Bronco Nagurski was toting the rock. The RBBC is pure crap. The backs can't get in any kind of rhythm like that. I'm glad someone in charge finally realized it.

Clearly Shanny reads this blog.

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