Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Lots of roster moves this week. Let's take a look:

IN: Chad Jackson, WR. Former 2nd round pick from the Pats who summarily dumped his ass during camp. A wideout? Really? Do we need another wideout? They're saying on the local news that Stoke is playing this weekend. Bad attitude + bad hands = I don't get this signing.

IN: Josh Bell, CB. Promoted from the Practice Squad. Will not help this pathetic secondary.

IN: Matt Murphy, T (PS). Never heard of him.

IN: Greg Eslinger, C (PS). Welcome back. This is his last year of PS eligibility. He's got a decent shot at making the team next summer if Lichtensteiger and Weigmann are felled by congenital heart defects.

IN: Rashad Mouton, CB (PS). Again...never heard of him.

OUT: Erik Pears, T (Reserve/Non Injured). Not sure what the deal here is exactly, but whatever. Pears sucks and it's nice to know that he won't be on the field this year.

So what's missing from this list? A QB. No promotion for Gary Coleman, no signing of Culpepper, Gradowski nor the corpse of Vinny Testeverde.

There's only one QB on the active roster right now. Better do something soon coach...I think the emergency QB is Mike Leach if you can fucking believe that.

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