Monday, October 6, 2008

What defensive problems?

I don't see any defensive problems. Quick GBU from the ugly 16-13 W over Brian Griese's sniveling ass.


How 'bout that Denver D? It helped that Griese/Gruden absolutely refused to go down the field with the ball until late in the fourth.

Zero mistakes from Cutler. He was a little off and he didn't have huge numbers, but he was solid throughout. No stupid throws or poor decisions. It was killing him to play that kind of game though. You know he wanted to air it out.


Eddie Royal got banged up and didn't come back.

The O only really clicked for a couple of drives there.

The play calling was a little conservative for my tastes. I know Tampa is good in deep pass coverage, but sheesh. I don't think Cut even threw a pass longer than 20 yards.

Brandon Marshall was not good. He dropped a couple and fell down while making his break on another.

Chris Meyers is one of the worst play-by-play guys in the league. He's as bad as Bryant Gumble in terms of down and distance. I don't know how many times yesterday he said that a runner "looks short of the first down," when he was tackled or ran out three yards short of the sticks. Three full fucking yards. Or "he appears to have gotten the first" when the guy's three yards past the sticks. He did that shit all day long. Irritating. Get some fucking glasses.


FOX. The HD feed went out about ten minutes into the game and stayed out until halftime. I completely missed Tampa's first scoring drive before realizing that it was being shown on the over-the-air channel too. Stupid non high-definition picture. Might as well rub dirt in my eyes.


Commish CH said...

HerI'd add one to your UGLY , and that's KC getting their asses handed to them yesterday. And Larry J getting 2 freaking yards. Im hoping our game vs them was just an anonomly.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Divisional games against shitty teams are almost always tougher than they should be.

My vote is anomaly