Monday, October 6, 2008


Vic Lombardi just said on Jay Cutler Live (Brandon Marshall is filling in this week and as far as TV work is concerned, Brandon Marshall is an excellent football player) that Tony Scheffler has a torn groin for sure and that Selvin Young may also have one.

That's some bad news right there. An increased role for Nate Jackson isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Nate Jackson is not Tony Scheffler. If it is torn, that's gotta be the IR for him, right? Sux if that's actually the case.

Selvin, too. Those guys are all kind of interchangable, but there's a serious drop off after Michael Pittman. At least until this Ryan Torain kid comes back.

I can't find anything about either guy on the tubes, so who the fuck knows? Lombardi might have been doing whippits before the show.

You know what this means though?

Chad Mustard is back, bitches.

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Bird said...

But my fantasy team was doing so well Herc....