Monday, November 3, 2008

I waited two weeks for this? For this?

Christ. Way to come out of the bye week, fellas. Awesome preparation. You're clearly a highly disciplined squad. Here's a reality-bites GBU from a wasted opportunity on Sunday.

Our lone offensive threat, FB Peyton Hillis.

Where do you start with Jay Cutler? That's as bad of a game as I've ever seen from him. The whispers about whether or not Cut is really the "answer" will start now, if they haven't already. This is the 5th straight game where he's vacillated between average and completely incompetent. He looked like a high schooler out there yesterday. Mind-boggling throws, staring down his receivers, double clutching every other toss, pouting like a little baby. The majority of his 300+ passing yards was YAC from Hillis. He was flat-out terrible. Remember how good he was in Weeks 1-3? Me neither. BECAUSE IT WAS FIVE FUCKING WEEKS AGO!

14 rushing yards. That's the second lowest output in franchise history. Franchise history. Where's this Pain Train I've been hearing so much about? Dude was a pointless afterthought.

Brandon Marshall. 2 catches. Hard to fault him since he was doubled most of the game and when he wasn't Cutler was too locked in on Eddie Royal on the other side to notice. Eyeballing him like a bum staring at a sandwich.

Whoever the hell decided it would be a good idea for the corners to play 12 yards off the receivers at the snap. 8-10 yard out routes have fucking killing us all season. Am I the only one that sees this? No. Here's Marshall's thoughts on this nonsense.

"If I was a receiver going against our defense and they're stacking the box and we're playing a 1-high defense and eight in the box, and the DBs are 10 yards off of me, I'm going to catch 10, 12 balls a game. It's simple."

Simple. More on Brandon Marshall's mouth later this week.


DJ Williams and Marlon McCree get hurt on the same play. DJ is done for a minimum of three weeks, likely for the year. We lose our two best defensive players (on an incredibly shitty defense) in back to back weeks. Sweet.

I hate to bitch about officiating, but where the fuck was the pass interference on the Marshall TD catch? Two different officials threw flags on it, but sitting in the stadium, I didn't see it on the replay. Am I blind? They gave us the make-up PI call later in the game, but jesus, what a momentum killer.

Short week coming up. At Cleveland on Thursday night. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to another game so soon, though.


Commish CH said...

Is Brandon coaching the defense now? He should be working on getting open---the MIA DBS manhandled him and that goat lover Joey Porter got into his head.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Yeah, he runs his mouth. That's what you're going to get from him when shit isn't going his way.

The only difference between him and every other diva wideout in the league is he's younger. He hasn't fully matured his diva qualities yet.

That said, he makes a good fucking point.

Joey Porter is the biggest piece of human filth in the league. I wish he would have stuck around long enough last night to get shot again.