Sunday, November 2, 2008


We need this one. We have to put an end to this mini-slide and put some more breathing room between us and the whales vagina. It won't be easy, Miami isn't the joke game it looked like when the schedule came out. They've got a good D and it doesn't matter how inept their offense is, the Donks make High School JV squads (who coincidentally also run the "wildcat" offense) look like the 1940's Cleveland Browns.

As always, it comes down to whether or not the O can score a ton of points. And as always, it comes down to whether or not Cut has a big game. Every single RB on the active roster is listed as Questionable on the injury report, so expect to see the ball in the air today.

I'm down low again for this one. My personal 6 game winning streak was snapped two weeks ago. Let's start another one today, fellas.

Come on points!

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