Friday, November 21, 2008

Jamie Winborn's day off

My main man Phony Gwynn over at And Here Come the Pretzels got the inside scoop on what Donks LB and jaw-jackin', celebration enthusiast Jamie Winborn does on his day off. Here's a little nugget:

11:36 am: Prepares late breakfast of egg white omelet, toast, orange juice and milk, and fresh fruit. Calls Denver Post, asks if they can send a photographer over to take a picture of his creation for the Food section

I encourage everyone to check it out.

Also, since it's Raiders week, here's a blast from the past: my top 6 most hated Raiders of all time. Obviously, this was written before a certain former wideout, uniform number 84 was hilariously signed by the evil empire. He's the new No. 1.

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