Friday, November 7, 2008

That's how we have to win games

From here on out, that's how we win. Score a ton and hope the D can hang on. Here's the GBU from the 34-30 W over the Brownies.

Jay fucking Cutler. Holy hell was he good last night. He still pouts a little too much for my tastes, but whatever. Good zip on the ball, nice touch on the finesse passes, not telegraphing his throws, monster numbers, excellent with his legs. The pick wasn't his fault. Well done.

Eddie Royal. If Matt Ryan wasn't around he'd be the unanimous ROY.

Tony Scheffler. The groin was clearly bothering him, but he toughed it out. Came down w/ a couple of huge catches when we needed them.

Brandon Stokely. Way to put the kibosh on the idiotic Obama/black panther type of celebration that Marshall had planned after the game winning TD. The 15 yard penalty he was sure to get would have been costly.

Peyton Hillis. Hee-yuge two yard run on 4th and 1 in the fourth quarter. He's not the answer for our RB problems, but that was a big run.

Romeo Crennell. A minute or so to play, 3rd and 1 from near mid-field with a timeout and he calls back to back passing plays out of the shotgun. Even though our front four had been getting pushed around and stomped on all night by Cleveland's massive O-line, they didn't even have a back in the game. Hand it off on one of those downs and a picture of Meryl Streep would be at the top of this post. I don't get it Romeo, but thanks.


The D is awful, right? And the injuries? Oh man, the injuries. It looked like the third quarter of a preseason game out there. Zero starters at LB, only half of the starters in the secondary. People named Calvin Lowry and Jack Williams getting extended time? Let's just move on. The D is in complete shambles.

Also, since you guys suck so bad, can we stop with the jaw-jacking and dancing around like you won the Lotto after a routine tackle? Retarded. Winborn is the worst offender by far. If you drop a guy for a two yard loss, then you can hoot and holler all you want. When a guy picks up five yards on first down? That's an unsuccessful play. Stop fucking dancing and/or running your mouth.


The running game is also in shambles. Torain got hurt again and is probably done for the year w/ an ACL. Selvin Young was too hurt to be active yesterday, but he got pressed into service after Torain went down. He was only able to go a couple of carries before he was done for the night. The only healthy RB on the roster right now is PJ Pope. I wasn't kidding about Tatum Bell last week. We've got to do something.

Nothing has really changed. We've still got Achilles heels the size of Texas with that D and that lack of a running game, but for today all is good.

Because JC saves.


Commish CH said...

Woodyard played pretty damn good. I dont have too much of a problem with him and Winborn celebrating after plays b/c it seemed they were trying to pump up the other 9 guys , who were playing like they were comatose.

BTW, mad rumors on the college boards that one Jim Harbaugh is in Al Davis' latest crush for teh HC job.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

I know, I love Woodyard. He actually makes fucking tackles. It's insane.

Harbaugh and Al Davis are butt-buddies from back in the day.

Harbaugh's actually got a future if he can stay the fuck away from Oakland.