Monday, December 15, 2008

Christ, it's cold.

Look, fuck the game. Seriously, fuck it. No one was outstanding. A whole bunch of guys played pretty shitty, including the entire D and units that were supposed to be strengths (O-Line). Terrible game plan from Shanny and Bates. Just a disaster all around.

Once again, as Jay Cutler went, so did the Denver Broncos. Cutler was terrible and the Donks were terrible.

The real story round here today is the fact that it's currently 13 degrees below zero outside. It got down to 19 below last night. The high temp today will be a balmy 18, but wind chills are expected to keep that below zero as well. Fuck me in the pants.

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Commish CH said...

I had to move my beers inside the house because they were too freezing in the garage. Only in Colorado, 65 degrees a few weeks ago and -19 now. Wouldnt trade it for anywhere though.