Friday, December 19, 2008

Guess who's club level this weekend you unwashed degenerates?

That's right, fuck-o's. Herc Rock. Sitting club level like a fuckin' VIP. The CEO of the law factory offered me his tix to the Buffalo tilt this weekend (as an aside, I think they're going to now use this as justification for screwing me out of the big xmas bonus slated to be handed out next week), and while I already have a really nice ticket for the game, fuck that noise. "Really nice" aint got shit on the club level. I might be able to sell my ticket for 25% of face, what with kickoff temp expected to be hovering around zero, but who cares? Club Level, bitches.

Let's examine my personal record at the stadium in these types of games:

Sittin' Club Level: 1-0
Last game of the regular season: 4-1 ('99 - dropping us to a putrid 6-10 - only game I ever saw at Mile High)
Games where a win = playoff berth: 1-1 (fuck you, SF)
Season to date: 2-3

Mixed bag there.

A lot on the line for this game. Let's face it, if it somehow comes down to Denver-SD for the division in week 17, it's over. We'd get killed. Take care of business this weekend.

Better yet, I hope SD gets stomped by Tampa and everything has been decided before kickoff, because that's the way I am. We're likely not going to do much of anything in the playoffs, so who gives a shit if we "back in"? I read where some whack-job is actually pulling for SD so Denver has to sack-up to get the berth.


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How dare you compare my genitals to that blonde lesbian with the talk show.

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