Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aint shit goin' on -- UPDATE - WITH A SCAVENGER HUNT!

Unless assistant coach hirings really turn your crank (your brother, Sugar Smacks? Seriously?), there aint shit going on 'round Bronco Town. Since that's the case, and since I've got to post SOMETHING or the good folks at are going to ask for some money back, here's a video of a few of John's greatest comebacks.

Does NFL Films kick ass? Fuck and yes sort of.

UPDATE: I actually just watched this video right now, and it's cut from the terrible one that NFL Films made for the Drive.

There is a bunch of footage spliced in here from the '87 AFC Championship game. You know, the year after The Drive. '87 was also against Cleveland, but this one was in Denver.

I'm sure they did it because John was miked-up in '87 it made for good TV. A bunch of close-ups of John barking out signals and a few other throw-away shots to lengthen it out and no one will be the wiser, right?

Wrong. It's fucking simple to spot. It's such an egregious blunder that that they repeat over and over and over that it's like NFL Films is insulting our intelligence. Can you see it? I'll give a prize to the first person that spots it (everyone loves LOG!).

Watch the video though, there's some sweet-ass like '91 practice and meeting footage featruing John wearing his hat like my old man does. Plus bonus Wade Phillips and Jim Fassel sightings.


antonio said...

no mud or batteries flying by his head

Anonymous said...

It's the complete absence of mud on Elway's jersey. That always bugged the shit out of me, too.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

That's right, you anonymous asshole.

That's some poor editing, Lou.