Tuesday, January 6, 2009

As long as we're cleaning house...(Part II)

Here's the definitive list of players I'd like to see hit the highway this offseason. Zero consideration has been made as to money owed or any other salary cap issues. I don't even care if whether or not jettisoning these clowns leaves us with nobody at that position. I simply don't like these guys and I don't want them around anymore.

It's a new regime folks. Let's clean house...alphabetically!

Boss Bailey, LB. Always hurt. Can't cover TE's or RB's in the flat. Always hurt. Always hurt. Always hurt.

Tatum Bell, RB. That little reunion was fun for a couple of weeks. Bottom line is he still sucks. Pack up Cecil Sapp's bags and get out.

Dre Blight, CB. It's no secret how much I hate this guy. I've read in a couple of places how he was the defensive MVP this year. A couple of places haven't been paying attention.

Tim Crowder, DE Healthy scratch every game this year. Jarvis Moss has clearly surpassed him. Isn't even good enough to spell John Engleberger.

Vernon Fox, S. Why did people think he did an OK job? Because he wasn't as big of a disaster as Calvin Lowry?

Mario Haggan, LB. Nothing against the guy personally, but he's pretty terrible.

Darrell Jackson, WR. He gets hurt a lot and doesn't produce when healthy. What a waste of money this guy was.

Nate Jackson, TE. I've been a fan of Nate's, but we've got Jeb and Scheffler. Nate is the same player except not as good as either of them. Bill Walsh is dead and Shanny is gone. It's time.

Niko Koutouvides, LB. Way to beat out Nate Webster. Way to be a special teams ace. Asshole.

Marquand Manuel, S. Ugh.

Marlon McCree, S. Ugher. Seriously, these two signings are approaching Dale Carter/Daryl Gardener territory.

Karl Paymah, CB. Terrible season. Got worse as it went on. It's time to purge the roster of CB's drafted in '05. Bad memories.

Matt Prater, K. OK. I was wrong. We should have paid Elam.

Patrick Ramsay, QB. This guy is not an option if Cutler gets hurt. Neither is Hackney, but he gets a pass because he looks like Arnold Jackson

Jamie Winborn, LB. Yeah, he played pretty well, but his antics are too much for me. I heard Jamie went over to his neighbors house last month and berated his neighbor for a half-hour for what he deemed inferior Christmas decorations.

Selvin Young, RB. Nice 2000 yards, fuck stick. I've had it with your fragile little vagina. Get lost.

There are some borderline guys (or guys that completely suck ass) that I'm letting slide because I like them for whatever reason. I do what I want!

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